Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which alternator is suitable for my vehicle?

Each alternator has an original number (OE number), which is usually on the alternator. Use this number to search for your alternator in our shop. If you cannot find a number on the alternator, you are welcome to call us on 030 / 308 373 62. Please have a comparison number (number on the alternator) or the key number of your vehicle ready (vehicle registration).


What does general overhaul mean?

A refurbished alternator has been checked, cleaned and repaired to be fully functional and as new. The alternator is completely disassembled and all wearing parts are replaced by new ones by our experts. The alternator is then reassembled and tested on our test bench.


Old part deposit?

Our company focuses on sustainability. That's why we ask you to return your old alternator (the old part) for our alternators so that we can recycle them. But calm down! You have 14 days to send in your old part. If you have not sent us an old part after this period, we will have to charge you a deposit of €50-100 depending on the alternator.

We do not charge a deposit on starters.